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Learn The Powerful Step-By-Step Standing Game Of Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, One Of The Most Successful Takedown Artists In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu History & Combat Sports Legend, As The UFC Veteran Shows... more ››
Learn the B-Team top game, including how to work against seated guards, supine guards, and those trying to stand up Force errors and exploit common mistakes with Craig’s techniques for passin... more ››
Solve the central problems of the mounted position with Professor John Danaher’s 4x4 system for establishing control and setting up submissions Learn the best submission holds to apply from mount... more ››
Score From The Feet With These Highly Effective Takedown Techniques Made Simple And Safe Attack highly effective takedowns with this complete class in no gi grappling takedowns, from six-time ADC... more ››
Build a strong passing game with over underpasses and pressure building that grapplers of any age and level can use, no speed and no athleticism needed Bernardo Faria won 5 black belt IBJJF World... more ››
This is your chance to learn from 3-Time ADCC Champion Gordon Ryan as he shares all his competition secrets around the body lock Gordon is one of the most detailed and thorough teachers in gr... more ››
Craig Jones is one of the most popular and in-demand instructors in the game today, with an exciting style that has secured him many elite wins and a teaching method that is detailed and thorough ... more ››
Go Inside One Of Craig Jones’s Favorite New Positions, The Pendejo Guard, And See How To Use This to Start Getting A Real Grip For Your Offense With This Free Series From The ADCC Medalist - Including... more ››
Learn How To Pass The Guard With This Five Step System From The World’s Most Sought After Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach Push the vast limits of guard passing fundamentals and study Professor John Dan... more ››

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Play from seated and supine open guards like a butterfly, reverse de la Riva, shin to shin, and more as Nicky shows you a complete system for using wrestle up sweeps to your advantage Create stro... more ››


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