Learn from the most successful closed guard player ever with Roger Gracie’s closed guard system, totally explained in this 4-part series

  • Lock on airtight submissions that work at elite levels, including cross chokes, lapel chokes, arm locks, and more
  • Roger Gracie is one of the most dominant grapplers in history, with 10 Black Belt World Championships and 2-Time ADCC Champion – and he did it with old school Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Attack the back and get to dominant position with Roger’s series for getting to the back mount with side closed guard
  • Sweep with the most fundamental offense from closed guard, as Roger explains how to get the best scissor sweep, hook sweep, lumberjack sweeps, and more
  • Roger’s closed guard is one of the best in history, and he was able to make this old school position work at the world championship level for years