Fight Off Your Back And Build The Guard Of Your Dreams With BJJ World Champion Mikey Musumeci’s Masterclass On How He Uses Open Guard To Win At The Elite Levels Of Grappling – Even Over Much Bigger & Stronger Opponents!

  • In this 6-part series, learn how to play guard with techniques for high percentage sweeps and submissions that work together systematically to create a strong, unified game that you can attack with
  • Mikey Musumeci is one of the greatest grapplers of his generation, with wins in the black belt world finals using these same techniques!
  • Break down the goals and limitations of guard conceptually, so that you can understand the position better with Mikey’s advice on the guard boxes, gripping, alignment, and more
  • Use the Tomoe Nage, double ankle sweep, tripod sweep, and much more – each one taught with incredible insight from one of the most thorough instructors on the planet
  • Finish fights with some of BJJ’s best submission holds, including MIkey’s setups and variations of the triangle, omoplata, armbar, and more