Solve the central problems of the mounted position with Professor John Danaher’s 4-step system for establishing control, setting up submissions, and moving to even more dominant pins

  • Learn the best submission holds to apply from side position, including kimuras, sankaku, juji gatame, and more
  • Use this 4-step method to win from side position, including some of John’s favorite methods for establishing dominant grips and applying devastating pressureUse positions like the outside De La Riva, inside De La Riva, lasso
  • Shut down escapes and troubleshoot the 4-step system with John’s advice on where you are likely to see problems and how you can solve these issues
  • See all the best ways to establish control and stabilize position as you work your way through for increased dominance against the bottom player
  • Professor John Danaher has taught grappling and combat superstars like Gordon Ryan, Georges St. Pierre, Garry Tonon, and many more throughout his illustrious coaching career – with remarkable success with students of all levels of experience and athleticism.
  • Know more. Win more.