Destroy The Opposition With These Hand Fighting Tips, Techniques, & Tactics For Setting Up Takedowns And Bullying People Around The Mat From ADCC Silver Medalist & B-Team Co-Founder Nicky Rodriguez
  • Get valuable insights into grappling specific stance and motion that you can use to move around the mat comfortably
  • Learn how to conceptualize your hand fight to start creating reactions that can lead to easier and easier takedowns
  • Start creating dominant angles with arm passes, drags, snap downs, and more, all shown in great detail by Nicky Rod
  • These are the same techniques that helped Nicky Rodriguez make the ADCC finals as only a blue belt!
  • Access the legs, get their hands on the mat, and control their movement early and often with these techniques from Nicky‚Äôs system
  • Use drills that Nicky recommends to get rapid skill development on your feet