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Revolutionize The Way You Escape From Bad Position And Immediately Launch Devastating Submission Attacks With Professor John Danaher’s New Wave Jiu-Jitsu System Turn escapes immediately into dang... more ››
Demand Grappling Coach On Earth, Professor John Danaher, As He Explains How To Maintain The Safest Habits In The Gym Learn how to avoid the most common injury situations that come up in any Brazi... more ››
Solve the central problems of the mounted position with Professor John Danaher’s 4x4 system for establishing control and setting up submissions Learn the best submission holds to apply from mount... more ››
The Most Sought After Grappling Coach On Earth - Professor John Danaher - Shows His Unique 3-Direction System For The New Wave Half Guard, Including The Sweeping, Leg Locking, And Retention Secrets Th... more ››


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Develop a complete no-gi guard that is capable of holding position, creating attacking, and systematically attacking up and down the body! Professor Danaher explains the dilemma-based approach th... more ››

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