Body Lock Your Way Through The Guard With This Step-By-Step Approach To The Pass With B-Team Co-Founder & ADCC Finalist Nick Rodriguez’s Signature “Rody Lock” System For Grapplers Of All Levels

  • Learn the foundations of body lock passing with Nick’s explanation of the grips, pressure, and controls you need to start the attack
  • Go step by step through the pass with Nick’s advice on forcing half guard or beating the legs to get to dominant passing positions
  • Nick Rodriguez is one of the best heavyweight grapplers in the world, and the 2019 ADCC Finalist uses this body lock as his signature pass to smash through the guards of much more experienced grapplers
  • Secure tight body locks against seated and supine guards, both from your knees and from the feet, as Nicky shows you how you can make this a part of your game from anywhere
  • Find solutions to common problems as Nick helps you problem solve against different counters like underhooks, sumi gaeshi, and more
  • Use knee slides, leg pummeling, half guard passing, and more to pass your way into dominant side control, mount, and back mount positions with the help of the body lock