Go Inside One Of Craig Jones’s Favorite New Positions, The Pendejo Guard, And See How To Use This to Start Getting A Real Grip For Your Offense With This Free Series From The ADCC Medalist – Including A Never Before Shown Heel Hook Finish That Will Change The Way You Attack The Leg!

  • Craig teaches you how to set up and fight from this new modern position that lets you grip longer and work for serious attacks
  • After collecting multiple prestigious titles in the sport of kickboxing Wrestle up, off-balance in multiple directions, and throw in false reaps for direct avenues to the legs with Craig’s advice
  • The Pendejo guard position is a new modern grappling hybrid of open guard that Craig and others have been having huge success with – learn why here
  • This series has Craig Jones, one of grappling’s most prolific leg lockers, teaching you a new & never before shown heel hook finish from the cross ashi!
  • The Mexican Ground Karate grappling star has built a reputation out of being a notorious finisher on the mat, a detailed instructor as a coach, and one of the sport’s unique personalities
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