Use front headlocks and counter wrestling systems to shut down wrestlers and secure dominant positions and submissions with Craig Jones 

  • Craig Jones is one of the best grapplers on Earth, with dominant victories against elite competition using these same tactics and techniques
  • Kill the wrestling game with these lessons on how to exploit weaknesses in takedown positions and get the advantage for submissions like the anaconda, peruvian neckie, darce, and more!
  • Fight out of front headlocks from standing, guard, passing, and more to lock on strangles or secure better position
  • Attack the back with these lessons on Craig’s back attacking system that he uses to strangle at the elite level, including ushiro triangles and rear naked strangles.
  • Craig is one of the star athletes of the Danaher squad in Puerto Rico, training with Professor John Danaher and a team of standout grappling athletes