Systematically Break Down The Turtle Position With Gordon Ryan’s Signature Back Take Series – 2019 ADCC Double Champion Gordon Ryan Shows His Step-By-Step Method For Attacking The Turtle Position And Getting To The Bac

  • On this eight-volume series, learn the key fundamentals that Gordon exploits, how he sets traps for his opponents, his hand fighting systems, and how he sinks his hooks in for back control
  • Gordon has become notorious for getting to his opponent’s backs and sinking in fight-ending strangles, even against elite competition
  • In his eight wins at ADCC, he won five with a strangle from the back
  • Gordon Ryan, and the entire team under Professor John Danaher, is known for a very step-by-step approach to grappling that is easy to understand and as precise as possible
  • Get the important strategy and execution from the mind of Gordon himself as he rolls with grappler after grappler using this turtle system