Learn How To Break Down Your Opponents From The Mount With This Total Technical Guide To Controlling & Submitting Systematically With Dynamic Pinning Lessons From The Best No-Gi Grappler On Earth, 3-Time ADCC Champion Gordon “The King” Ryan

  • Control the mount against all your opponent’s escapes and begin to isolate limbs away from the body for strangles and joint locks
  • Maintain the mount against escapes with Gordon’s advice on shutting down their defenses and taking advantage with counters
  • Gordon teaches you every detail of his system across 8-volumes so that you can start attacking with more technique and confidence
  • Watch Gordon spar in live rounds from mount, then break down his techniques so you can see the system in action
  • This top pinning system is the same one that Gordon has used to dominate at the elite levels of no-gi grappling, with his coach John Danaher’s revolutionary concepts & dilemmas
  • Know more. Win more!