Learn How Gordon “The King” Ryan Systematically Dominates The Best Grapplers In The World With Some Of Grappling’s Most Common and Effective Open Guards

  • Systematically attack from your back with this open guard gameplan from Gordon “The King” Ryan, with sweeps, back takes, and leg locks that work at the highest levels of grappling
  • Keep opponent’s off-balance as you learn all of the ways to create kuzushi and pressure from your back
  • Attack from all the possible x guards, as Gordon teaches how to combine and flow between ashi garami entries, sweeps to guard passes, and creating back exposure
  • Use no-gi specific De La Riva and Reverse De La Riva guards for the most effective systems (including the no-gi berimbolo and much more)
  • This is the same system that Gordon uses in competition to beat the best in the world again and again
  • Gordon Ryan is the reigning ADCC Absolute Champion and one of the best no-gi grapplers of all time
  • See Gordon rolling and then watch as he breaks down that footage in real-time to explain the system in action