Learn The Techniques & Concepts That Will Make You Almost Un-Submit-Able Quicker Than You (Or Your Instructor) Ever Thought Possible: Over 10 Hours Of Material

  • The Most Complete System Of Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals Ever Created – From The Best Instructor On Earth
  • The aim of the GO FURTHER FASTER series is twofold: First, to give you the technique and insight to get to a higher level in the sport and second, to reduce the time ordinarily taken to get there
  • The series is built around a fundamentals program that is not focused only on moves, but upon IDENTIFYING THE CORE POSITIONAL SKILLS REQUIRED FOR FIRST COMPETENCE, AND ULTIMATELY EXCELLENCE, IN THE SPORT
  • Learn the foundation upon which all progress in the sport of Jiu Jitsu is made
  • FOUNDATIONALISM is the idea that all of the skills of Jiu jitsu are supported upon a set of foundational BODY MOVEMENTS, TECHNICAL SKILLS, CONCEPTS, TACTICS and GRAND STRATEGY – This is your chance to learn the true foundation of Jiu Jitsu


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