Never Worry About The Lapel, Berimbolo, Or Inverted Guard Again With This Blueprint For Passing Modern Guards

  • Andre Galvao Teaches The Passing Principles Anyone Can Use To Shut Down The Modern Guard Player – The Same Moves He Teaches His Atos Fighters
  • Master the modern guards and pass with pressure and mobility, with this new 8-volume mega release from Andre Galvao
  • Andre Galvao is one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors ever, a six time world champion in the IBJJF, and the reigning ADCC Superfight Champion
  • Find the most effective solutions to beating these modern guards with the man who has spent more time than anyone else studying them, Andre Galvao
  • In addition to those stubborn lapel positions, also learn how anyone can dominate with positioning and pass through fast and flexible opponents without letting them invert and make life so hard