Finally, Understand The Secrets To The Matrix Back Take And Learn The K Guard System That Makes Taking The Back Easier Than Ever With World Champion Mikey Musumeci’s Guide To This Modern And Effective Position

  • Use the k guard to create a dangerous open guard that can attack the upper or lower body with systematic combinations
  • Use K guard to off-balance and attack with Mikey’s multiple setups, off balances, back takes, and more
  • Mikey Musumeci is a multiple-time world champion and the most successful American black belt competitor ever, known for his technical wizardry and open guard skill
  • Use the matrix system to attack the back position in new and creative ways as Mikey explains how to use the right hooks, angles, and leverage to make it work
  • Combine the matrix with the baby bolo, twister hooks, and more as you move step-by-step through this simple system for the back take