A Full Introduction To Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu By One Of The Best Competitors & Teachers Ever To Step Onto A Mat

  • 5X World Champ Bernardo Faria – One Of The Most Renown Teachers On The Planet Explains The Most Important Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Concepts You Need For Self Defense, Sport & Fitness
  • Those early white belt days can leave you feeling like maybe BJJ is not for you. With the help of everyone’s favorite instructor and coach, Bernardo Faria you will have your basic questions answered and your confidence will go through the roof
  • A Full Introduction To Every BJJ Position: Bernardo describes the pros and cons of every position
  • Basic strategy: Bernardo will show you the ins and outs of what to go for and give you some direction and tips that an elite level competitor and the teacher would give to his family member
  • Let Bernardo Faria share his years of teaching and competition experience to help you build a solid foundation and make sure you achieve that BJJ black belt that everyone strives for.