Draculino: Effective Old School Passing to Neutralize New School Guards

  • Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes is one of the original members of the ‘golden generation’ growing up in jiu-jitsu amongst the likes of Renzo and Ryan Gracie and many others.
  • Draculino is a 6th-degree black belt under Master Carlos Gracie, Jr. and was the first instructor to open a Gracie Barra Academy outside of Rio de Janeiro.
  • The secret to Draculino’s continue success as a coach and instructor is his ability to assimilate the new school developments in BJJ and look at them through the eyes of a seasoned fighter to find new ways to defeat them.
  • Draculino is going to teach you the best of the old school techniques that today’s new guard practitioners have never even seen!