Master The Hidden Top Game Concepts Of Distance For Passing Connections And Combinations From One Of The Most Technical And Influential Black Belts Ever, 4-Time World Champion Gui Mendes

  • Use detailed instruction on far distance, medium distance, and near distance to understand guard passing on a more complete and conceptual level
  • Gui Mendes is one of BJJ’s most respected black belts, with 4 world championships at black belt and tons of elite students at his academy Art Of Jiu-Jitsu
  • Get real, useable lessons from Gui breaking down his own rolling, so he can narrate how he is implementing these movements and ideas
  • Gui will show you not just moves, but systems with strategy behind them that connects everything into one unified game, with hours of footage
  • Learn mobility drills that Gui has his competition students do so they are ready for fluid and technical guard passing and top work