Stop The Strangles and Escape Back Control, Grappling’s Most Dominant Position, With A Complete System For Defensive Mastery From Gordon “The King” Ryan, The Best No-Gi Back Attacker Of All-Time!

  • Learn the hand fighting and positioning you need to stop strangles from coming in when your opponent has the back
  • Get back to safety from back control on the overhook and underhook side, including lessons on how to break the body triangle
  • Unlock the defensive secrets to the straight jacket system that Gordon uses to regularly tap elite black belts
  • Watch Gordon spar in live rounds from back, then break down his techniques so you can see the techniques in action
  • This escaping system is the same one that Gordon has used to dominate at the elite levels of no-gi grappling, with his coach John Danaher’s revolutionary concepts & dilemmas
  • Know more. Win more.