With direct match commentary and complete technique breakdowns, Gordon Ryan shows you how he won a gold medal at his very first ADCC World Championship!

  • Gordon Ryan is the ADCC Absolute Champion and one of the best no-gi grapplers of all time, and the consensus best active no-gi grappler competing today.
  • Gordon watches each match with you and explains, in real-time, what he was thinking and doing in each of his eight matches.
  • Once the video commentary is done, go back to the gym where Gordon teaches his step-by-step technique for how he beat some of the best grapplers on Earth in his eighty match run.
  • Go deep into Gordon’s matches with elite competitors like Craig Jones, Cyborg Abreau, Xande Ribiero, Romulo Barral, and more.
  • Attack systematically as Gordon shows you his systems in action, including his leg locking, passing, and back attacking.