Master The Subtle Art Of Leg Pummeling With World Champion Phenom Mikey Musumeci And Optimize Your Lower Body Grappling Game To Set Up High Percentage No-Gi Offense – Including Leg Entanglements & Back Attacks!

Successful leg pummeling will level up your grappling from every position, especially Mikey’s specialty – the double pull
Mikey Musumeci is a multiple-time IBJJF world champion in the gi who is now transitioning to no-gi grappling with incredible results
Pummel with your lower body and secure great positions, including the berimbolo, leg drag, honey hole, and more
Use the honey hole position to submit, pass, and take the back with Mikey’s step-by-step method for leg pummeling from one dominant position to another

Leg Pummeling Mastery by Mikey Musumeci