Learn The Open Guard Secrets Of ADCC Medalist & UFC Submission Savant Ryan Hall As He Shows You How Grapplers Of All Levels Can Improve Their Offense & Defense From Off Their Back

  • Use some of Ryan Hall’s most effective countering tactics on this 8-volume series from the UFC & ADCC veteran and build the strongest defensive guard possible.
  • Master fundamental principles like alignment, posture, kuzushi, and more with Ryan’s detailed advice.
  • Learn the shelling and framing tactics that can help you improve your defense and stop giving away good positions from guard.
  • Get your body working right with fundamental movements like the bridge, granby, shrimp, and more that every guard player needs to attack effectively.
  • Sweep and counter with omoplatas, shaolin sweeps, roleta sweeps, and more that can turn the tables and get you back on the attack fast
  • Ryan Hall is an accomplished black belt, winner of The Ultimate. Fighter 22, and 2009 ADCC medalist – with years of teaching experience to help break down these concepts and principles.