Develop A Standing Grappling Game That Is Specifically Designed By One Of The World’s Greatest Grappling Minds, As Professor John Danaher Shows You The System For Jiu Jitsu Takedowns That His Athletes Use To Dominate With Submission Wrestling Technique

  • Master the principles and concepts that will define how you approach the standing position, with John breaking down how grappling takedowns must be different and how to adjust
  • John Danaher is one of the world’s greatest grappling coaches, with championship students like Gordon Ryan, Georges St. Pierre, Garry Tonon, and more learning these systems from him at Team New Wave
  • Use snap downs, hand fighting, and motion to start setting up takedowns that will optimize your chances of scoring and controlling from top position
  • Shoot to the legs with John’s explanation of double legs, single legs, and more ways to set up and finish lower body offense
  • Attack your opponent’s feet with ashi waza that John explains can set up more takedowns, including foot sweeps, ouchi garis, and more
  • Learn why grappling needs to approach takedowns differently, with breakdowns on the needs and limitations of grappling rulesets and how to start using a new style to work from the feet
  • Know more. Win more.