Attack The Guard In A Whole New Way With Gordon “The King” Ryan’s System For Passing That Gordon Calls “The Real Way To Pass Good Guards” – Including His Secret High Stepping Method That He’s Been Crushing The Competition With!

  • Gordon “The King” Ryan is a multiple-time ADCC champion who is the most dominant and technical no-gi grappler on Earth, and this is your chance to learn his incredibly effective loose passing system!
  • Combine your techniques to be able to move through stubborn guards, including specific positions like Reverse De La Riva, De La Riva, ashi garami, and more
  • Hear Gordon’s methodology and advice on how to use this system to revolutionize your guard passing, including his new philosophy for you to work by
  • See why the flanking position is so powerful and how you can weaponize the j point at all-times as you force your way around and through the guard
  • See actual rolling footage from the gym as Gordon puts this system into action and then breaks down exactly what he was doing so you can see the techniques in motion