Just Stand Up And Get Away From All Those Traditional Controlling Positions Using Craig Jones’s Guide To Standing Up And Escaping Against Talented Grapplers – And How To Hold Down Explosive Fighters Focused On Getting Away

  • See why so many grappling’s ideas around pinning and control are misguided in modern grappling, and how you can address these problems in this 4-part series
  • Now you can start working on how Craig trains his students to 4-point and escape using knee slides and more
  • Craig Jones is one of the most talented grapplers and instructors in the world, and as one of the cofounders of the B-Team, he is helping develop a new generation of grapplers and fighters
  • Go through Craig’s step-by-step stand up techniques, so you can use the threat of getting away to escape danger, force scrambles, and set up even more offense
  • Learn methods of control that will help you shut down standup fighters, including turks, staples, and half guard pins
  • Lock up submissions that double as controlling positions with Craig’s coaching around how to use the arm triangle, north south choke, and more to set up your fight finishes