Deconstruct The Guard With Black Belt Technical Savant Mikey Musumeci’s Guide On How To Pass BJJ’s Most Troublesome Open Guards With Effective Understanding Of The Frames & How To Beat Them

  • Attack the guard with precise techniques built to succeed against the frames and angles of that particular position – with Mikey’s deep understanding of each exchange
  • Mikey Musumeci is one of the greatest grapplers of his generation, with wins in the black belt world finals using these same techniques!
  • Mikey explains how to use inside position & counter-pummeling to beat spider guard, lasso guard, collar sleeve guard, and much more
  • Explore multiple variations of passing that Mikey explains with step-by-step analysis, including some of grappling’s most high percentage passes
  • Let one of BJJ’s most accomplished guard players explain to you how to totally shut down the effective open guard and use frames from top for maximum effect
  • Master these gripping concepts with Mikey’s advice on how to pass your way through to advantageous positions, including half guard and knee shield attacks