Break Down All The Most Effective Ways To Nuetralize And Pass The Double Sleeve Guard – Including Spider Guard, Lasso Guard, and More – From One Of The Best Double Sleeve Artists Ever, 5-Time Black Belt World Champion & Skilled Professor Romulo Barral

  • See how to unwrap all the variations of double sleeve open guard, from one of history’s greatest spider guard masters
  • Use torreando, knee slides, leg drags, stacks, and more to work your way through the guard with Romulo’s tips on breaking through their grips
  • Counter transitions into sit up guard with Romulo’s techniques for combining your pass attempts for maximum effect
  • Romulo shows you some of the same passes that have been effective against him before, so you can see how the defensive player will respond
  • Pass against collar-sleeve guard, spider guard, lasso guard, and more with these important lessons and concepts