The Most Scientific & Easy To Follow Course On Keeping Your Guard Ever Created: For Any Age Or Body Shape

  • This series explains one of the most important skills in all of jiu-jitsu: retaining your guard against an opponent intent on passing and pinning you down
  • The Go Further Faster series, like the Enter The System series of instructional releases, operates with a very important goal: to identify and explain the foundational skills, movements, and concepts that every jiu-jitsu practitioner needs to reach their full potential
  • Learn and master the movements, techniques, strategies, and concepts necessary to retain guard against even far more experienced grapplers
  • This series will focus on three major positions from where we must fight to retain the guard
  • John Danaher is the most sought after Jiu Jitsu instructor on the entire planet
  • Guard retention, at its core, is so key to success in jiu-jitsu and John is here to simplify it