Learn the fundamentals and concepts that can help you simplify the half guard position so you can focus on solving the biggest problems and avoiding pitfalls

  • Gordon “The King” Ryan is a multiple-time ADCC champion who is the most dominant and technical no-gi grappler on Earth, and this is your chance to learn his dominant half guard passing system!
  • Use step-by-step systems to attack the knee shield, butterfly half guard, lockdown half, deep half, and more.
  • This system will show you how to attack the guard with control of your opponent in ways that translate to no-gi, gi, MMA, and beyond.
  • This is one of the most complete half guard passing systems ever created for grappling, and now you can learn every detail from the best grappler on Earth.
  • See actual rolling footage from the gym as Gordon puts this system into action and then breaks down exactly what he was doing so you can see the techniques  in motion.