Master The Art Of “Smeshing” With The Sambo-Hybrid Fighting System Of Khabib Nurmagomedov, The Iconic Undefeated UFC Champion Who Shows How He Dominated The Field In MMA With Revolutionary Ground Skills

  • Learn standing techniques, control and submissions on the ground, and even some of Khabib’s revolutionary cage work on this 3-part series
  • See how Khabib closes distance with strikes to set up takedowns, his tips on shooting, and using single legs, body locks, and more
  • Dominate in the clinch with techniques for throws, trips, lifts, and more that will let you secure big takedowns
  • Smash the guard on the ground with pressure and Khabib’s strategy for holding position while delivering strikes, including some of his favorite submissions
  • See the genius cage control concepts and principles Khabib used to become the most dominant MMA fighter of all-time