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Level Up Your Entire Grappling Arsenal With The Marcelo Garcia Academy All-Star Instructors Coming Together For One Mega-Series – With 100% Of Proceeds From This Series Going To Marcelo’s Fight Against Cancer!100% of proceeds go directly to Marcelo Garcia’s fight against cancer, so join us in supporting Marcelo to another great victory!
Learn from the all-star instructors of the Marcelo Garcia Academy as they join together to each show some of their best techniques and systems – many never before shown anywhere
Get tons of new tricks and tactics from professors and coaches like Paul Schreiner, ADCC Champion Matheus Diniz, Matheus Lutes, Yuta Shimada, and more
Go inside many of the best grappling minds in the Marcelo Garcia Academy as coaches like Kanan Clarke-Jones, Scott Kaplan, Tony Bibaj, and Jimmy Lee Smith come together to teach some of their best moves
See how the MGA Team approaches some of their signature offense, with lessons on finishing from the back, north south chokes, single leg X, butterfly guard, and more
With all proceeds going to help Team Marcelo, you can learn from the team for a good cause while improving your game in tons of positions that they have been sharpening for years
After this 4-volume series, you will have more sweeps, passes, submissions, and escapes that have worked time after time for Team Marcelo – all inspired and perfected by the legend Marcelo himself