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Master The No-Gi Half Guard And Attack Systematically With Moves Anyone Can Use For Rapid Skill Development From The Best No-Gi Grappler On Earth, Gordon “The King” Ryan

  • Use this never-before-shown half guard system of Gordon “The King” Ryan, with sweeps, back takes, and leg lock entries that he has perfected for no-gi grappling
  • Use knee shields, half butterfly guard, deep half, scorpions, and more as Gordon takes you through the half guard configurations that work best for him
  • Gordon shows every detail of this system, breaking down goals, techniques, combinations, and strategies for faster development and more success from your back
  • Pummel and grip for no-gi with underhooks, cross shoulder posts, pinch headlocks, shoulder crunches, and more, with techniques broken down so grapplers of all ages and levels can use them
  • Gordon Ryan is the ADCC Absolute Champion and one of the best no-gi grapplers of all time, and the consensus best active no-gi grappler competing today
  • See Gordon rolling in the gym from half guard and then watch as he breaks down that footage in real-time to explain the system in action