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Attack With The Most Unorthodox Half Guard System In The World, As 10th Planet Black Belt Richie Martinez Shows How To Use Rubber Guard In Effective Dynamic Ways That Anyone Can Really Use

  • Fight off your back with this signature 10th Planet half guard system from Richie Martinez, and sweep and submit in unusual new ways
  • Richie Martinez is one of 10th Planet’s most recognizable and successful black belt competitors, with world-class experience competing at the highest levels of grappling
  • No flexibility is required! Richie shows you how to safely apply rubber guard safely, using position and angles instead of flexibility or joint stress.
  • Learn positions like Jersey, meathook, chill dog, and more, as Richie explains the techniques and the wild 10th Planet names
  • See how to enter into Jersey, how to attack for sweeps and submissions, and some of Richie’s favorite flows from half guard