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5-Time World Champion Xande Ribeiro teaches the diamond guard concepts to escaping from side control, mount, and some of BJJ’s toughest positions.

  • Xande Ribiero uses these side control and mount escape concepts and hasn’t been had been pinned down in his last 15 years of competing at the highest levels of grappling!
  • See how to frame, shield, pedal, and more with Xande’s specific formula for creating space and getting to guard, turtle position, or back up safely.
  • Build your guard power with Xande’s recommended strengthening routine you can do anytime.
  • Xande Ribiero is one of the best grapplers of all-time, with 8-time black belt world championships and some of the most technical and fluid BJJ ever.
  • From side control, kesa gatame, north south, mount, half mount, technical mount, and more, Xande shows you how to apply the diamond principles to create your escape.