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Turn The Tables On The Opposition With 2-Time ADCC Finalist & Grappling Star Craig Jones’s Brand New System For Creating Scrambles You Can’t Lose With The Reach Around Octopus Guard – A Position You Can Start Using For Reversals, Escapes, And Much More

  • Learn from one of grappling’s most in-demand instructors as elite competitor and B-Team co-founder Craig Jones shows this unique grappling offense
  • The octopus guard will let you set up reversals, scrambles, and more – by swimming your arm around your opponent with Craig’s careful advice
  • See how you can beat common counters and responses, like the cross face, stepping over, and opponents trying to get height
  • Use highly effective techniques to score and control opponents, including kosoto sweeps, butterfly sweeps, front headlocks, and more
  • Find ways to set up fight-ending submission locks, even the dreaded Buggy Choke and Craig’s innovative “Buggy Darce”
  • Watch as Craig rolls at The B-Team, as he shows you direct footage of him using this system to huge success